Kanske… A beautiful word with a beautiful meaning, this is old Danish, this is Scandinavian, this is language at its best. Kanske is a contraction of two words, and although its literal meaning is maybe, it can also mean might happen. It’s the stuff of dreams, a piece of cloud thinking, ethereal and exquisite.


The word kanske is about imagination and timeless adventure. It’s about looking for – and finding – new opportunities. It’s about life. The future is uncertain, it can’t be predicted, but at this point, anything might happen. Kanske.


Our Kanske watches hints at this time and again, giving you the chance to wear something that will remind you of just how beautiful and endlessly fascinating life really is.


Our Kanske watches use Swiss Ronda 5030.D premium quartz movement and a three eye chronograph for power. Nothing else comes close to the quality and functionality that we insist upon. Nothing else gives quite the same combination of 100% accuracy, reliability, and beauty.



We know what you want from your watch, which is why our Kanske Denmark brand is minimalistic, elegant, and functional – it’s high quality watchmaking at its best. Urban and trendy, modern and chic, yet with a hint of classical attraction, the Kanske is a watch that is a cut above the rest. Using carefully selected materials, the Kanske watch is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Danish design… it’s high quality, it’s high functionality, it’s high end. The Kanske comes with Italian calf leather straps for that extra touch of luxury, and the stainless steel is Kanske through and through; ethereal and exquisite.